Queen of the Arabian Sea – Kochi is a fabrication of art, culture and commerce. Kochi is endowed with the scenic beauty of the backwaters and is believed to be the finest natural harbor in the world. Kochi is the oldest European settlement in India, recording a history of visitors who came, saw and stayed for hundreds of years. Fort Kochi is enriched with layered histories of Chinese, Arab, Jewish, British, French and Portuguese communities. A string of picturesque and lovely islands, lagoons, small rivulets and swaying coconut palm trees make Kochi a perfect idyllic destination. Besides that, what really attracts the tourists visiting Kochi is the colorful culture and hospitality of the local people.


Munnar, the mist-clad hills, tea plantations that look like green carpets covering one hill after another, fresh air, picturesque picnic spots. Sparkling waterfalls, and dazzling streams are some of the scenes that will greet you on your way to Munnar. Munnar is situated at a height of 1,600 meters above the sea level. The lush green verdant regions in Munnar, offer you unthinkably beautiful natural sights. Munnar, with its acres of tea plantations, winding lanes, evergreen trees, soothing eye-catching flora and fauna, and a comfortably cool climate is a favorite with visiting tourists.......


Is where man experiences the wilderness, first hand. The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on the banks of the Periyar lake - an artificial lake, at Thekkady, in Kerala, South India. Here the high ranges of the Western Ghats are clothed in dense evergreen, moist deciduous forests and savannah grass lands. Below this thick green canopy roam herds of elephants, gaurs, tigers, sambar deers, Nilgiri langurs and lion tailed macaques. Thekkady gives you unique opportunity to watch and photograph wild elephants at close quarters.


The glamorous Venice of east, Alappuzha with its lovely lakes, lagoons and the fresh water rivers will not fail to sweep you off your feet. A maze of narrow mud lanes, paddy dancing to the tune of soothing winds on one side and country canoes paddling in tranquil back waters on the other – you will long to remain in this beautiful ‘natural wonder of a village’ atmosphere. The main attractions are boat races, houseboats, beaches, marine products and the coir industry.


The true hue of Kerala beckons. Kumarakom on Lake Vembanad with its unparalleled boating, fishing and sightseeing opportunities makes a picturesque holiday spot in the backwaters of Kerala. The rich greens and the rural life are clubbed with the beautiful Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. The ideally located Kumarakom is picture perfect village.


The sun, the sea and the sand – in other words Kovalam. Discovered and made famous by western travelers, this is where the hippy culture took its roots in Kerala. Today beaches of Kovalam have become one of the most popular beach hangouts in India. Kovalam means a grove of coconut trees and truly the coconut trees along the beaches gives it a ravishing look. The palm-fringed bays in secluded coconut groves, promise a relaxed stay.


Perched at an altitude of over 100 m above sea level on the Western Ghats, the shimmering green waters of the winding streams and verdant woods of Ponmudi do not spare anybody. The breathtakingly spectacular view of the hill ranges, tea-estates and the mist-covered valleys, peppered with little toy-like stone cottages painted a pretty violet, pink, or white with pointed and peaked roofs will leave you awestruck.


Wayanad is one of the most beautiful hill stations of Kerala, South India. As the chill gently caress your face, you feel elated and you leave all your worldly worries behind. This is what Wayanad does to you. Perched on the heights of western ghats, Wayanad is where you go to, to get lost in your dreams. Words seldom do justice to the beauty of this land. It has to be experienced. Get ready to experience your true calling. Untouched by any unbalanced construction, this land offers you that extra rush. Explore the wild life, go rock climbing on peaks, parasail off the cliffs, soothe your soul beside spectacular waterfalls, or just walk the trail.


Referred to by the British as Cape Commorin, Kanyakumari is located at the southern tip of the Indian subcontinent and is the meeting point of three oceans - the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. Besides its significance as a major Hindu pilgrimage center, it is famous for its beautiful views of sunrise and sunset over the waters.


Called the Queen of Hill Stations - picturesque, green - Udhagamandalam better known, as Ooty is the most popular hill station in the South. Located in the Western ghats at a height of 2240m, Udhagamandalam is the headquarters of the Nilgiris district where the two ghats ranges meet. Nature has been generous with this region, which make this one of the most beautiful places in India.


A verdant oasis is what the quaint hill station of Kodaikanal or Kodai as it is more popularly known is all about. This hill station situated at an altitude of about 2,133 meters high in the Palani Hills, is often referred to as the Princess of the Hill stations and one needs to make a trip down there to realize why is it so. The reason being that unlike other hill stations where the adverse effects of tourism is now becoming evident, Kodaikanal still retains its charm in its pristine surroundings, lush landscape, amazing scenery and yes the foamy mist.


Vagamon hill station is a tranquil and serene place with lush green meadows and spectacular peaks. This beautiful heaven is located at a height of around 1100 meters above sea level. Words seldom do justice to this beautiful land. This is where you experience the magnificence of nature – walk on clouds, climb peaks, sail over meadows, experience the invigorating freshness – in short this if where you love to get lost. An ideal tourist spot, the place is famous for the unique rock formations at Thangal Para, the Indo-Swiss project and Kurisumala Ashram.


A landscape of ethereal quality, its never-ending grasslands and sea views has made Bekal a raved about tourist destination. The Bekal fort is located on a vast 35-acre headland that runs into the Arabian Sea. This imposing structure of laterite rising 130 ft. above sea level has a chequered history of 300 years, which adds to its interest as an archaeology site. The sea bastions, underground tunnels and the observation tower are impressive. An old mosque is situated very near the fort, which is believed to be built by Tipu Sultan. History sleeps here among the lonely battlements of the Bekal Fort by the sea shore.

Athirappally waterfalls

Athirappally is a scenic and popular waterfall on the edge of the Sholayar forest range. Combined with the greenery, it infuses freshness into any tired soul. The Athirappally falls join the Chalakkudy River after a sheer drop of 80 feet, in a dense green forestland. With its cool, misty waters cascading down in the backdrop of thick green forest and rocky terrain, Athirappally is a scintillating experience to visitors. This waterfall is just 70 kms from Kochi.

Cherai beach

On the outskirts of Ernakulam city and bordering Vypeen island is a true beach paradise called Cherai. A picturesque beach that is ideal for swimming. Dolphins are occasionally seen here. A typical Kerala village with paddy fields and coconut groves nearby is an added attraction. The place is a unique combination of sea and backwaters rimmed by lush green coconut palms and paddy fields.


A collection of eight waterfalls, dropping down torrentially with variying velocity, is Kuttalam (earlier spelt Courtallam). This splendid sight is located on the western ghats in Trunalveli District. The eight waterfalls are Main Falls, Five Falls, Shenbhaga Falls, Tiger Falls, old Kuttalam Falls, Honey Falls, Orchard falls and Sitraruvi Falls. The water of these falls is believed to possess medicinal qualities of the herbal plants grown in the mountains. It is also said that those having rheumatic joints, chronic headache and nerve disorder get cured by a lengthy stay at Kuttalam.


Hogenakkal Falls is one of the most beautiful places in India. The river drops from an elevation forming an island. River Cauvery flows through herbal vegetation before dropping here. So, bathing in this falls is believed to be good for health. Hogenakkal provides a quiet and comfortable holiday. The basket boats - Parisal known as Coracle facilities are available in Hogenakkal and is a pleasant experience. It is the highlight of Hogenakkal tour.