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Holiday planner membership is aimed for non-resident Keralites residing outside Kerala and also in various parts of the world. From our years of experience in the field of tourism, with the Keralites residing outside Kerala, we have been requested from many of our guests to provide assistance and various other services apart from tour packages. Such requests have forced us to think how to help them live with peace of mind outside Kerala where they have to concentrate their work and also during their vacation in Kerala. So we come up with “holiday planner membership” and below are the details for the same.

A nominal membership fee of INR 15,000.00 will be charged for the first time and the membership will be valid for one year from the registration date. A membership card along with an online user account will be issued and send to you by courier/email. You can log in your user account at

Annual renewal:
Holiday planner membership is renewable annually with a fee of INR 10,000.00.

Registration process is very simple. Click here to register for holiday planner membership. Registration/renewal will be activated from the date of receipt of the respective fees in our bank account (Please click here for holiday planner bank account details). However, holiday planner reserves their right to deny registration or cancel any membership without reason/prior notice.

How you can communicate with holiday planner?
You can log in to your account and then send us messages/ email regarding the service required, from your account. Once you have requested the services, we will be contacting you with the details.

Who are eligible for the offered services?

  1. Holiday planner Members.
  2. Holiday planner member’s family (Husband/Wife, children).

    Services offered* (exclusively for holiday planner members):

    1. Free airport pick up and drop in.
    2. Rent a car.
    3. Free Furnished Stay at Kochi for 2 days with your family during your Holiday or Tour package (3 Days 2 Nights) in Munnar).
    4. Discounts on all tour packages.
    5. 10% discount on all hotel bookings inside India.
    6. Consultancy services  for
      a. Property management.
      b. Real estate dealings.
      c. Higher and lower education.
      d. Arrangement of drivers/helpers.
    7. Get-togethers for families, friends and business requirements.
    8. Members are enable to request with holiday planner any other services required (services shall be legal as per Govt. of India) not listed above and will be responded immediately and confidentially.

    *Conditions apply


  1. All services are offered inside Kerala except hotel bookings and tour packages.
  2. Free airport pick up & drop service inside Kerala. (Service will be charged for more than 150 km of travel).
  3. Consultancy services are offered exclusively for holiday planner members and are chargeable as per prior agreement with the member.
  4. Discounts on hotel bookings and tour packages are applicable only if reserved/booked through holiday planner.
  5. Rent a car & get-together services will be charged and not a free service.

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